(THE STEPS) How to Install the Genie Model 7055 & 2055 Garage Door Openers

February 20, 2016 | By admin | Filed in: Installation Tips.

To get more convenience in their life, many people have installed garage door opener. There are many manufacturers that produce garage door opener. Genie is one of the popular garage door opener. Do you want to install Genie garage door opener? Genie Model 7055 & 2055 will be nice device for your garage door.

How to Install the Genie Model 7055 & 2055 Garage Door Openers _Genie Model 7055 & 2055 Garage Door OpenersHow to Install the Genie Model 7055 & 2055 Garage Door Openers? It is very important question after buying the item. You should install it in your garage door. If you want to save your money, you can install it by yourself. There are several steps to install it. These are the steps of the installation.

  1. You need to assemble and install the Read the instruction to assemble the rail. You should carefully read the direction so you can assemble the rail properly. Make sure that you have tightened the rail so it can hold well.
  2. After that, you need to mount the rail bracket on header. You will need a ladder so you can reach the header. Tighten the bracket and ensure it can hold the rail appropriately.
  3. And then, you can start to attach the rail to the bracket. You may need the help from the other to pick up the rail. Yes, it will be safer and easier if it is done by two people.
  4. In the next step, you should mount the powerhead to the ceiling. You should be careful when mounting the powerhead. Make sure everything is well.
  5. Then, attach the door bracket to the door. This bracket will be attached with the door arm.
  6. Next, attach the door arm to the door bracket.
  7. The next step is installing the Safe-T Beams. Read the instruction carefully so you can install it properly. Safe-T-Beam is very important for the safety.
  8. After installing the Safe-T-Beam, you should install the wall controls.
  9. Then, assembly the light.
  10. The next, connect the power.
  11. And you can start to program your garage door opener.

Those are several steps How to Install the Genie Model 7055 & 2055 Garage Door Openers that you can apply to install yours.

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