How to fix the garage door opener if the door cannot be opened: Screw Drive Genie

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Do you have Genie 1/2HP screw drive garage door opener? Occasionally, you may find that it rapidly stops opening. It could close well, but it could not open. How to fix the garage door opener if the door cannot be opened?

You should ensure that the manual string is situated in up position. If it is not, you should set it for manual open. And then, you can check to look whether the garage door is balanced.

The thing that can make the door does not open is the spring. Several doors have two springs, one on each side. The new doors usually have a big spring at the top side. This spring will make the door easier to be opened.

How to fix the garage door opener if the door cannot be opened Screw Drive Genie_Genie Screw Drive 1 2 Horsepower Powerhead

Genie Screw Drive 1/2 Horsepower Powerhead

If its spring wears out, the door becomes harder to open. Thus, the door is getting heavier. Genie garage door opener has a sensor that will turn off the motor when it senses the door is too heavy. It is a safety measure. So, the motor will not burn out. This possibly causes the door cannot open. To check this, engage the manual string. Pull up the door approximately 3.5 feet off the ground manually and let the door go. If your door stays, the spring is still in good shape. But, if the door falls back down, the spring should be adjusted or replaced.

Extreme cold weather can effect the spring. It can make an out of right balance. It can also make heavier door that will cause the sensor in the motor to stop at a certain point. You can take portable heater and warm up the spring. By opening the light panel, you can boost the power to the opener motor. You will find two black knobs, one states open the other states close. The power of the motor will be increased when opening the door by turning the open knob clockwise. You should do this for temporary. You need to call Genie dealer for adjusting the spring. The dealer has more skill how to fix the garage door opener if the door cannot be opened.

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