Genie Garage Door Opener Grinding Noise Fix

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You may find your garage door makes loud noise when using it. Certainly, the noise is very disturbing. Loud noises can be caused by either the the door opener or the door itself. You should find the source of the noise is coming from, so you can do Genie Garage door opener grinding noise fix.

To find it, you can disconnect the opener from your door. Try to operate the door by your hand without using the opener. If your door still creates same loud noise, it means that the problem is in the door. If you do not find the loud noises, you need to see the opener.

Genie Garage door opener grinding noise fix

Genie Garage door opener grinding noise fix

If you have known the problem is the door, here are some universal problems to explore. The sounds when the door going up is likely the torsion springs should be lubed using silicone-based lube. This way will reduce the noise when the door going up or down. Torsion springs are connected to the torsion pole which operates alongside the entire door. They are located on the top of door opening or behind the door near to the opener.

Exploding noise is typically caused of the door sections that are not getting together properly. It can be made by the damage of one or more sections. Broken or loose hinge can also cause the noise. The age of door usually causes squeaking noise. Grinding noise can indicate that the door is pulling alongside the door track when going up and down.

Grinding noise can also indicate that the opener may has some internal problems, including the motor on its way is out. Occasionally, the screw drive opener has trolley that works along the screw on opener rail. The trolley is built with plastic teeth. After the plastic teeth beginning to deteriorate, it causes a noisy grinding noise. When the internal gear or the procket is disintegrating, it can also make grinding noise. If there is an internal malfunction, the Genie Garage door opener grinding noise fix that should be tried is taking off the cover and fix it.

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