Genie Garage Door Opener Manuals: Basic Monthly Maintenance for Genie Powermax

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Garage door opener is a convenience innovation for humans. One of the greatest garage door manufacturers, Genie has been evolving their products not solely for human’s convenience but also for human’s safety and security. To keep your garage door work properly, a monthly maintenance is needed. Genie’s garage door opener product, especially Genie Powermax is equipped with clear Genie garage door opener manuals.

Genie Powermax basic monthly maintenance is including safe-T-beam System Check, Contact Reverse, Door balance and Lubricate Door Hardware. To maintain safe-T-beam system of your Genie Powermax follow the genie garage door opener manuals below.

Checking your safe-T-beam starts with examining the RED and the GREEN LEDs. If they are working properly as it used to be both green and red LEDs are ON steady. Continue to check by following the next steps if your safe-T-beam system is working properly. Go make a small test to check the system by starting to close the door. As the door start closing, gets an object passing all the way through the beam. You will see that the door stop moving and going to reverse to a complete open position.

If both RED and GREEN LEDs are not in ON steady position, continue the instruction of Genie Garage door opener manuals by following these steps:

Genie Garage Door Opener Manuals

Safe-T-Beam is a safety system that found in most Genie garage door opener devices

  • If Safe-T-Beam RED LED illuminates: you can check is there any obstruction. Next, check also the alignment. Examine the wire routing that connects Safe-T-Beams with the powerhead. Examine whether or not there is interference from another safe-T-beam unit from other door opener installation.
  • If Safe-T-Beam GREEN and RED LED are not displaying at all. Just check the wiring and the wire connections to the powerhead.

If you have performed those steps, but the door still does not want to work properly do not bother to contact immediately Genie Customer Service. The contact number is written in the manual.

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