How To Install WiFi Garage Door Opener – Belkin WeMo Switch

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Do you want to know How to Install WiFi Garage Door Opener – Belkin WeMo Switch? The steps that should be done are:

  • Build up the WeMo Maker to link the Wifi network

Download the free WeMo application from your Smartphone. It is supported for iOS and Android. Follow the instruction to connect WeMo Maker with WiFi network. It will take a few minute. After connecting to the WiFi network, use the application to point the WeMo Maker to the home network name. Give the password so it can connect the home network. You should configure the switch by providing a new name. Make sure the Switch type is momentary.How To Install WiFi Garage Door Opener - Belkin WeMo Switch

  • Take the WeMo Maker to the power outlet of your garage

After joining the WeMo Maker, take the unit to your garage and get free wall plug. Plug the unit and test with the phone’s app. It is not wired yet, so the door will not open or close.

  • Fix the end of 2 wires to the garage door push button

Cut the wires. Trim down the wire to get better length. You can buy plastic runner to cover and protect the wire. Unscrew the garage door button using screwdriver. At the back of the button, there will be 2 screws. Each screw holds down a wire. Insert the wires and tighten down. Reattach the button to your wall.

  • Fix the other end of 2 wires to WeMo Maker

Unplug the power for the WeMo Maker. Screw the wires into the RELAY ports. There are 2 ports. Each port will get one wire. After that, plug the power to WeMo Maker and wait it to boot.

  • Try the WeMo application to open or close the garage door

Test the installation. Open and tap WeMo app. The button will turn gree and your garage door will start opening.

The things that should be brought before installing Belkin WeMo Switch are WeMo maker kit and insulated wire. You will need some tools, such as: wire stripper, Phillips screwdriver and Flathead screwdriver.

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