A Few Examples of Genie Garage Door Openers Troubleshooting Guide Operation

June 10, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

No doubt that garage door opener is today’s most convenience innovation. This device helps human work very much easier in any condition or weather. In one click of a button, the door will open or close by itself without we need to do it with our own hand. Unfortunately, as garage door opener has turned into a thing that humans cannot live without, if there is something bad happened to it the user will go frustrated. Perform the Genie garage door openers troubleshooting before the trouble troubles you.

There are problems at Genie garage door openers troubleshooting guide operation that you can learn and get the solutions as follows:

  1. The door closes and goes down but immediately stops and start to go up (Safe-T-Beam malfunction). Several causes might happen and start to check if the limits setting, it is set properly or not and make any adjustment needed. Second, check is there misalignment or beam obstruction of the Safe-T-Beam system, get rid of any obstruction and clean the lenses with dry rag. Check is there any binding on the garage door, release the binding immediately or calls for professionals. Check is there any interference from another safe-T-beam unit of the other doors (for multiple doors only). Check whether the RED LED is flashing and read the manual for more information.
  2. The door starts to make uneasy noise. You can examine the door fasteners, whether they are tight or not. You can also check whether the garage door is in a good repair or not, is it needed lubrication or the balance need to get an adjustment.

    genie garage door openers troubleshooting

    If your garage door opener starts to make strange noise, open your manual and try to troubleshoot it

  3. Suddenly, the door starts open or close, but no one controls it. It might be the problem with wall console and remote. Check is there any button stuck on both wall console and remote. If by any chance you lost your remote or it is stolen, remove all remotes from the powerhead memory and get the new remote to be programmed.

Hopefully those few example of genie garage door openers troubleshooting guide operation little bit help your problem.

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