Genie Pro Max Limit Set

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Garage door opener is like an item that should be owned by each home. It is a beneficial item since you just need to sit, click the remote and the garage will open and close automatically. This device requires a setting of main limit switch. If you have a Genie pro max, you will need genie pro max limit set. It is an important process of the Genie garage door opener installation.

Do you know how to set the Genie garage door opener? It is also easy and simple, like the other process of installation. You can try it by yourself, so you can know more about your garage door opener. Setting up the main limit switch is easy to be done.

Before starting to execute how to set the main limit switch of Genie garage door opener, you should ensure that you have locked the carriage to the rail assembly. You should also make sure that the trail of the movement is not cluttered. Those will help the genie pro max limit set.

When setting up the main limit switch, you will need a ladder. You need to take a ladder to the side of the genie Pro Max’s power head. Ensure that the space is clear and safe from any moving element, like operator or door.

The first step is you should pick up your garage door until the carriage can reach the inside slide or bullet.

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Place the limit set switch to start setting up the open limit switch. You will see the set switch behind the main power head. After finding the limit set switch, press and hold the limit set switch. You are not allowed to release it until the door is moving to fully in open position. And then, set the Close limit switch. It takes same action. You should press and hold the limit set switch until the door can reach the ground. When the door is stopped, the set is done.

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