How to Fix Genie Pro 1024 Won’t Close

May 30, 2016 | By admin | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

Genie garage door opener is famous for its power and reliability. Now, it is not a magnificence item that owned by particular people. Most people have this device for their home. This device is meant to help the people.

genie pro 1024

Regular maintenance and troubleshooting are good things before spending your money for the repairman. What will you do if genie pro 1024 won’t close? It is not constantly the time for calling the repairman if you can do the troubleshooting by yourself. Before facing the problem, it is better for you to do ordinary cleaning and check everything. Do not be uncertain to do regular service so the whole thing will be under your control.

If you find the opener looks does not want to close the garage door, you might need to verify the safety sensors or photo eyes. You should make sure to confirm that the alignment is on defined place as the opener will go into the safety reverse that can causes the door still stay and won’t close.

The other action if genie pro 1024 won’t close is cleaning any dirt that sticks on it. If there is no dirt on it, the beam will not be disturbed. Carefully reading the maintenance on the manual is also useful to make the garage opener stay longer.

When the related wiring is malfunctioning, the garage door will not close with the keypad or remote. The garage door will close only by pressing the wall button constantly.

The safety sensors or photo eyes are placed at the door. Each sensor is located on each door side. Each sensor has an indicator light. The red light is the sending unit and the green light is the receiver. If you could not find the green light, it means that the sensor does not sense a clear area. There will be dirty lens, mis alignment, bad wires, etc. If the safety sensors are dirty, you can wipe the lenses using a damp cloth.

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