A Glance About Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Control

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Who will argue that a garage door opener is one of the most convenience findings for human’s life?  The device will operate automatically to open and close the garage door without you need to bother doing it manually. You can remotely control a garage door opener with a remote control or any other devices with just a single click of a button. No more drama of how you getting wet in a pouring rain just to open or close the garage door. Get your device and you can stay dry and neat inside your vehicle. When you talk about garage door opener, you will not miss one of the most popular brand Genie garage door opener. Genie is one of the biggest and the oldest brand that a garage door opener industry has. Ever since Genie has produced its first garage door opener there are numerous openers, parts and accessories of garage door openers that Genie produces up until now. Through years, Genie does not stop to discover, invent and innovate to make the best product for Genie’s lovely customers. To make the best performance of garage door opener, the products are equipped with the best parts and accessories. Genie’s best accessories are including remote controller, keypad and wall button.

genie universal garage door opener

This little remote can operate almost all of Genie products

There is no doubt that through years any invention of garage door openers will be much more handy, smart and sophisticated. Above all, Genie always considers that any of the products should embody two key points. The two key points of the garage door opener are security and safety features. The system will stop to operate and change the door code in an instant to make sure that the unwanted operation will not harm anything inside your garage. So, all of the access point such as remote controller, keypad and wall button are all well-equipped with the two features.

Genie products are manufactured in one package with entry devices , such as a remote controller. Most of genie garage door opener remote functions beyond than just a remote control. It is reported that the devices useful as an effort to prevent the action of burglary and any other criminal action towards one’s garage and its house. The remote control is using the built in security code and linked with classy system. A garage door opener is equipped with two or three of the accessories to help users controlling the opener remotely depend on the opener itself.

Genie remote control is the most varied access entry devices. At least there are four types of remote genie garage door opener offered, the one-button or single button remote, two-button remote, three-button remote, and four-button remote. Since a Genie product is one package with a particular selection of a remote controller, the remote controller may vary from one opener to another.

A Genie Chain Glide garage door opener for example, has four selections of remote control a user can select according to how many garage doors that s/he wish to operate. The first selection of Genie remote control is a GIT-1 Deluxe remote control with Intellicode. After 1993 most of The Genie garage door openers and accessories are using Intellicode system. This GIT-1 remote has only one button on the remote to function with one garage door opener. The next selection is GIT-2BL remote that has two buttons on the remote.  Next remotes are the GIT-3BL remote that has three buttons on the remote.

The four-button remote is rarely found, but the Genie 4 Button Mini Keychain Remote GIT390-4 is one of the best selections. This remote control is an original product of Genie Company that works on 390 MHz frequency. For those who have garage door opener form Genie with Intellicode system or Code-Dodger systems that manufactured from 1997 up to present, you can use this remote as a replacement remote of yours. You can operate up to four garage door or gate in one control of this remote. The reason why people love this four-button remote Genie garage door opener is other than the compact size and the durability, is because the simplicity of programming. In just few minutes press and release and hold buttons for programming you can use it right away to open the gate or the garage door.

Here are the sums up of Genie garage door opener remote controller through years:

  1. The first Genie remote is New G1T Genie Intellicode. This Genie remote is compatible to work with all Genie Intellicode garage door openers models. This Genie garage door remote will replaces all one-button Intellicode remote that made by Genie start from Series I, Series II, and Series III remote.
  2. One of the good examples of genie garage door opener remote is the GM3T-BX 3 button genie master remote. The company makes their product as effective as it can be for example this remote is designed to be synchronized with all type of genie garage door openers which are invented since 1988. In short, the remote controller used as universal remote. The remote has 3 buttons and equipped with the system that works with Intellicode 1 and 2 machines and 9 and 12 DIP switch machines.
  3. The GM3T Genie Intellicode is the next best Genie garage door remote. This remote can control up to three Intellicode openers and replace the Intellicode Series I, Series II and Series III remotes. You can use this remote to replace all two and three button remote of older Intellicode remotes. You can use this remote as a one-button remote, two button remote or three button remote by programming the buttons.
  4. The G3T Genie Intellicode is the third best remote replacement by Genie. As well as the GM3T Genie Intellicode, the G3T Genie Intellicode can be programmed as one-button, two-button or three button remote when you are programming the remote buttons. The remote works at 315 MHZ and 390 MHZ frequency. The remote is designed to replace the Genie Intellicode door openers that manufactured since 2005 up to present.

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