Buying Guide to Replace Battery for Genie Garage Door Opener

June 8, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

Somehow you find your Genie remote control doesn’t work due to a battery has been out of power which needs to be removed sooner. The information of battery for Genie garage door opener bellow should help you very much.

battery for genie garage door openerbattery for genie garage door opener

AAA Battery

For you who run Genie garage door remote control, the AAA battery is a typical power that should be a great replacement. It works on a GIFT390-1 Mini Flashlight and GIFTD-1 remote control. Most of the stores sell this kind of battery. You will never find any difficulties for reaching this type as soon as the battery is out of power.

9Volt Battery

Another option for you is the 9 Volt battery that can replace the battery for Genie garage door opener including GPT90-1, AT95, GCT-3, GT912, and GPT90-3. This type of battery will work best for such type of remote control.

CR2032 Battery

It is the best replacement for a battery for Genie garage door opener with several types including GICTD-1, GICT390-3, GICTD-3, and GICT390-1. It is a lithium battery that has long life span. A brand that sells this type of battery is Energizer for watch promising 8-10 years life.

12 Volt Battery

If you have the Genie GT912-1BL 1 Button and Genie Intellicode GIT-3 (G2T-3), the most appropriate battery to buy is the 12Volt battery. It is easier to find on the nearest local stores.

How to Remove the Garage Door Opener Battery?

Removing the battery for genie garage door opener is not that difficult. Just take out the old battery from the garage door opener by simply removing the cover at the back. Take a coin to help you insert the battery. Then press it gently until you get the back cover placed well. Now your garage door opener can be replaced and you can use normally.

Tips: Check the battery types before purchasing.

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