How to Fix the Blinking Red Light on Genie Garage Door Opener

June 8, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

The Genie Garage door opener is one of the most favorite items. It is practical for you who live at home alone since it is designed to lock the garage automatically once you press the button on the remote control. It enables you to control the garage in less effort even though you are far from home. You even can control your garage using Android or iOS. Isn’t that good? But not all people love to use a smartphone to control their home stuff. Some of them might be afraid of losing the phone while leaving the remote control somewhere you forget. That’s why most people love using a remote control instead until they find a blinking red light on Genie garage door opener. This sometimes makes people get panic. Therefore, they need to know things bellow.

blinking red light on genie garage door opener

Why your Genie garage door opener blinking?

Genie has a Safe-T-Beam light that is installed in your remote control. When the flashing Safe-T-Beam LED indicator blinking, it means that there is the malfunction that causes your remote control doesn’t work.

as an example, someone has two garage doors and both use Genie Pro openers. One has the blinking red light on Genie garage door opener. Meanwhile, the other red is solid. That person then swapped the sides and the one blinking was really fine. After that, he checked the wire and connection also other factors that might have caused the problem. The remote control still doesn’t work.

When you get the blinking red light on Genie garage door opener, just be sure to check several things like the lenses. Those lenses should be seen. Make sure that the lenses are mounted around 5″ to 6″ on the floor right on the other side of the door opening. If the blinking flashes persist, you need to visit the owner’s manual for fixing your problem.

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