Guides to Program A Blue Genie Garage Door Opener

June 10, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Genie becomes the most popular garage door opener due to its function that eases homeowners to lock the garage safely. It is efficient and very durable! Besides, you can also set the garage door opener using a smartphone with Android or iOS. Anyway, to make sure your remote control works well, the transmitter plays a prominent role. The blue Genie garage door opener for example. One of its product is the GENIE/BLUE MAX GPT90-3 3-CHANNEL GARAGE DOOR OPENER TRANSMITTER that works for helping you open and closes the garage with several features bellow:

blue genie garage door opener

This transmitter has 3 buttons remote control for Genie garage door opener. The frequency can receive 390 MHZ Frequency and supports for the Blue Max, Alliance, Lift-a-Door and much more. The transmitter is included with 9V battery with a year warranty.

The good things to remember from the customer report is its durability and its ability to work with old garage door opener. You can even pair this blue genie garage door opener with 1995 installed garage door opener. Programming is super easy and also works fine.

How to Program Your Genie Transmitter?

It is very easy to top program the blue genie garage door opener by following the procedure bellow:

There are three main buttons: square button, and two triangles button with(-) and (+) signs.

  • The first thing to do is holding the square button until you see the blue light. After that, release the square button.
  • Wait until the long purple LED blinks. While it is blinking, hold the remote around 4 up to 5 feet away. After that, press the buttons 3,4 or 5 times until the door can be controlled. If you can do this, your remote has been programmed. Now you are ready to use the remote control.

Anyway, This procedure applies to other products despite the Genie, including SilenMax, PowerMax, TriloG, PowerLift and GPower openers.

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