Blue Max Genie Garage Door Opener Issues Checklist

June 12, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

There are times your Blue Max genie garage door opener doesn’t work as usual. You might push the button many times, get the light blinking and much more. That’s why some people will think they need to visit a professional to repair it. Otherwise, their garage door opener has just minor problems that can be repaired by ourselves. Some minor adjustments should help you and make your garage door opener works like new. Here are things you need to know.

blue max genie garage door opener

Blue Max Genie Garage Door Opener Issues Checklist

If You Have Remote Control and Wall Control Issues

If you get the wall control and remote control problems, check the wires for the wall control. You probably get this tool grounded.

Or, you can change the battery of the remote control using a screwdriver to reach the place.

If the problem exists and you think it doesn’t cause by the wires and battery, just reprogram the remote control just like you program it as the first use.

The Door Doesn’t Open

If this happens to you, you can inspect the slide and carriage. After that, just run the motor and raise the door with hands until the slide connects to the carriage on the opener rail.

The Door Cannot Works Normally

If the door stops when you start down,  open and close the garage manually and make sure there is no binding. If it is necessary, adjust the track. You need to see the close force adjustment as well and inspect the contact reverse. Use the screwdriver to adjust the contact reverse.

That’s all minor problems you have to check before repairing your Blue Max Genie garage door opener to professional. Just check manually your garage door opener to see whether you find troubles on the wire or the trail.Or, the remote control sometimes matters even when with minor issues. These things seem to be the main issues happens to your device.

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