Best Guides To Buy Genie Garage Door Opener

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To buy genie garage door opener, there are several things you should consider; what fits with your need the most? There are four garage door openers to know belt drive, chain drive, motor size and screw drive. Those three types have different advantage and disadvantage. Apart from that, it is better to read the following instruction.

buy genie garage door opener

Best Guides To Buy Genie Garage Door Opener

Know what is the best for you

Knowing what is best for you means you should consider your budget need including the maintenance, cost etc. You probably need quite garage door opener, so you might spend more money for that. If you are the one who can fix things at home, buying the cheaper stuff would be very OK. Most people always get panic for just minor issues found on the garage door opener remote control.

The four types of garage door bellow should help you understand the stuff:

Chain drive

This is the most common garage door opener people buy. It is less expensive and fits for people who have the low budget. However, you will need more maintenance like oiling at least once per year and you should deal with the noise.

Screw Drive

It uses a threaded steel rod to lift the door.Since it is a heavy duty, there will be more maintenance, but it is quite because it uses the plastic lined tracks.The good thing you will love is this garage door opener fits any kind of doors and work best for the heavy double door.

Belt Drive

It is the quietest garage door opener. It is considerable to buy Genie garage door opener with belt drive. Only you have to deal with the higher price. This type of garage door opener is flexible which you can raise and lower the door.

Motor Size

Among all the garage types, the motor size is the most wanted by all homeowners, but you should at least hase1/2- horsepower. But this motor size can last longer as you use it frequently.

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