When Do We Need To Replace the Capacitor for Genie Garage Door Opener?

June 12, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Garage Doors.

You probably think you need a capacitor for Genie garage door opener. But, should you need to do it now?

A capacitor is like a big fuse which can start and stop your garage floor to move. The size of most capacitors is about 2″-3″ in tabular shape. You can find it in blue, gray, green, white, orange, black and yellow.

The capacitor is full of chemical and paper which is fragile to get burned. Once the seal is broken or lost, the paper inside will start to burn beginning from the electrical wires causing smoke and resulting whistling sound.

capacitor for genie garage door opener

Anyway, the capacitor for Genie garage door opener is less expensive and most people have problems with that. So, if you call a professional to fix the garage floor and it is said that your garage floor is smoking, then don’t be in a hurry to replace your garage floor opener with the new one. Probably you need to change the capacitor instead. Then, if the new capacitor doesn’t work on the door, that’s the time to replace it with the new one.

It is difficult anyway to know when your capacitor needs to be replaced. When your capacitor doesn’t heat up or smoke, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t go bad. A sign of broken capacitor can be seen from hearing the motor click when you hit a remote button. You will also hear a humming noise on the wall button. It can be seen when the motor that cannot start and also stop.

Regarding changing the capacitor by yourself, be careful because it is quite dangerous and can shock you during the job. Unplug the open unit.You also need to remember the four wires that should be installed to the capacitor for Genie garage door opener.  As you think you are not quite sure about replacing it by yourself, call a professional to do it. You should want to spend more money for the sake of safety.

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