Complete Guides to Change Genie Garage Door Code

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All devices that require PIN puts you in a big risk. You probably lose your remote and it gets stolen by a person close to you to do something in your house. There is no exception including a regular task to change Genie garage door code. That’s why many sellers will suggest you change it regularly. As often as you can to keep you stay safe and secured. Here are procedures how to change Genie Garage door code.

change genie garage door code

Complete Guides to Change Genie Garage Door Code

Without Wall Mounted Keypad

Some people haven’t get the newest version of garage door opener. That’s why you will not get the keypad installed on your door. To ease you, follow the instruction bellow!

  • Remove the cover of the remote control, so you can expose the small switches inside your remote.
  • Reposition the switches to reset the code.
  • Make sure you remove all the remote control cover to all your additional stuff as well.
  • Get an access to the garage doors motor.
  • Move the switches right on the motor to match the code between the door and the remote control.
  • Test your remote to make sure it works well.
  • If it doesn’t work, check the switch positions.

If your door features a keypad

  • If your garage door opener features a keypad, you are lucky because it is very easier to change Genie garage door code. Follow the instruction bellow:
  • Press the “Learn” button right on the side of the motor and hold down.
  • If you see the lights next to it out, let go of the button. It will remove the old code memory.
  • Press again the button to get the lights on again.
  • Type the new PIN on the keypad on the garage door, and watch the motor unit’s light.
  • If you see the light blinking, it means the new code has been registered.
  • Depress the “Learn button” once more
  • Press the button on the remote control and see the motor’s light. If it is blinking, you have been successful in programming your new code.


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