Programming a Genie Garage Door Opener: Genie Powermax Limit Programming

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Genie has been known as the pioneer in developing garage door opener for many years. This garage door opener is a device that human cannot live without these days. As it is helpful enough to open and close the garage door automatically in a click of a button we need to bother to do it alone. Genie offers a wide range of product and Genie Powermax is a good one.

Programming a Genie Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener starts to act up try to set a limit programming

Make sure you have no problem with your genie garage door convenience device and always do the maintenance. If your Genie Powermax starts to act up, perhaps it is time to do a limit programming. Programming a Genie garage door opener for Genie Powermax limit programming as another programming is just a few steps away.

First of all, in programming a genie garage door opener you need to make sure there is no object near your doorway to avoid any damage.  Now, set the down limit by press and hold simultaneously the down arrow (-) button for 2 seconds or until long LED turn blue and goes flashing. You may release the button. Again press and hold the down arrow (-) button until your door is completely closed and then release it. Now, press and release the PROGRAM button. You will see that both LEDs will be flashing blue and in a second it turns off, it means the limit setting is confirmed. You will need 30 seconds before you go to next programming a genie garage door opener.

To set up the limit, you need to press and hold the up arrow (+) button for two seconds or until the long LED turns blue and off and then you can release it. Again, press and hold the up arrow, wait for the door is completely open and you can release it. Press and release the PROGRAM button, Both of LEDs will turn blue and then off means that the limit setting is confirmed.

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