Comparison: Chamberlain or Genie Garage Door Opener?

June 12, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Door Opener Review.

For both Chamberlain or Genie garage door opener, it has different benefits when you ask about each good side. Both door openers are completed with excellent technology that can be used in any kind of climates. Here are the quick comparison about the products before making a decision.

chamberlain or genie garage door opener pro


In terms of safety, the Genie has a Safe-T-Beam System built preventing the door from closing when there is an obstruction in the middle of the door’s path. Besides, the LiftMaster has a Protector System that supports an infrared which can do the same thing like Genie’s.

chamberlain or genie garage door opener


For the security aspect, Genie has an Intellicode which help you change the PIN as you press the control button. It will protect you from a thief stealing the remote control. Meanwhile, the Chamberlain has a similar feature with Patented Security rolling code that can control the door that is manually forced to open. You can also have the temporary code to share with your Chamberlain without showing the real password. It can be programmed in limited time so you can protect your home.


Chamberlain or Genie garage door opener? Both garage door opener has 1-5 years of warranty. Besides, the price to each model is similar.


In terms of reliability, both Chamberlain or Genie have the same level. Somehow,  the Chamberlain product is often used than Genie as people prove it is better for its durability, noise, and speed. In past 5 years, the Chamberlain LifeMaster is reported to have higher satisfaction.


For both Chamberlain or Genie garage door opener have similar types. However, the Chamberlain LifeMaster seems to be better since it has EverCharge BatteryBackup system to operate the garage door up to 40 cycles. You don’t need to worry about the power out. It still has power saved. So what do you think? Chamberlain or Genie garage door opener?

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