Guide to Fix Genie Garage Door Opener

June 15, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

Genie garage door opener comes to be one of the most popular door openers with the most advanced technology. It comes with a lower price and many people are familiar with that. Anyway, apart from the goodness that delivers to you, we all admit the Genie garage door opener somehow has lower reliability when we compare to another competitor. You probably find some issue that becomes its weakness. Here is how to fix Genie garage door opener you can try before calling a professional to your house.

How to Fix Genie Garage Door Opener

Red Light Blinking

The problem you found the most when you use the Genie garage door openers getting the red light blinking. This causes your malfunction door wen you operate it.

To fix the Genie garage door opener with such issue, try to check the sensor, and wipe it. Clean the eyes and swap the sensor to the door. This mostly works.

The Door Closes and Opens by Itself

When you find the Genie garage door opener closing and opening by itself, you probably get a problem with the short that is located in the transmitter.

To fix Genie garage door with such issue, you can try to remove wall button wire right at the motor. After that, try to operate it using the transmitter. If it stops, replace the wires then you can re-check the wall button.

The Door Goes Back to Open Position After Trying It to Close

You can set a limit closer to the motor using a screwdriver or chain glide. You can also attach the chain drive with limits lugs on the chain. One set for the down limit and one for the up limit. But, if the chain drive has “driven limits” you can adjust it using a screwdriver. Hope this can help you fix the problem on the garage door.

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