Garage Door Genie Troubleshooting: Changing the New Code

July 12, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

The most common garage door Genie troubleshooting that is looked for by users is changing the code. We are not sure for having our garage door secured when we are outside the home in a long time. That’s why we are always suggested to change the garage door opener frequently to minimize being stolen. Here are the procedures you must follow.

Garage Door Genie TroubleshootingGarage Door Genie Troubleshooting

Garage Door Genie Troubleshooting

If You Have Garage Doors Opener with a Keypad

Use a ladder to reach the unit.

  • After that, you can press the “learn” button which is located right on the side of its motor. What you should do is holding it down and then release the button as see the light goes out.
  • Push again the “Learn” button to get the lights on again and enter your desired PIN on the keypad located on the garage wall. If you see the light that is located on the motor unit blinks, it means your new password has been accepted.
  • Press again the learn button to turn the light on again. After that, press the remote’s button. Once you see the light on the motor unit blinks, you have programmed the new password an synchronizing it with your remote. Be sure to repeat all the procedure on the remote control.

If Your Garage Door Opener Has No Keypad

  • Take off the cover of the remote so you see the switches inside.
  • Move the switches inside so you change the code. After that, replace its cover.
  • Reach your garage door motor’s unit and switch the motor on so you change the PIN in your remote control.

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