How To Reprogram A Genie Garage Door Opener: A Genie Intellicode One

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Genie has been a quite large company in manufacturing garage door opener. A wide range of product has been manufactured and genie Intellicode is one among hundreds of amazing products. The genie Intellicode is a garage door opener device using wireless control to open and close Genie garage door opener in such distance within the house or around it. It is normal for Genie Intellicode not to function properly due to signal losing. All you need to do is applying how to reprogram a genie garage door opener, especially the Genie Intellicode one with these instructions.

How To Reprogram A Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie wireless keypad can control the door to open or close in a distance within the house

How to reprogram a genie garage door opener is simple and quick. First of all you can half open the keypad cover and hold “8” button and “PROG” button simultaneously. Release the two buttons and close keypad cover as you see the indicator light goes off. It means you can begin to reset the keypad. Open the keypad cover again completely open and press the 3, 5, and 7 button in order. You need to proceed the process by pressing the PROG button and now you can enter your new PIN. The new Pin as usual is a combination of numbers up to eight digits of numbers. Once you enter the last number of your Pin you can press the PROG button. You will see the indicator light blinking twice in each second.

You may close the keypad cover and continue the process to the motor unit. Find the smart button on the door motor and press it. Once you press the button, go back to the keypad and open the cover. Enter your new PIN and end it by pressing the send button for four times. Keep on pressing the send button until your door opener is starting to move. Repeat the instruction of how to reprogram a genie garage door opener from beginning if the door does not respond.

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