Genie 1024 Garage Door Opener Easy-to-find Parts

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You may become the one who is unlucky enough to found your Genie 1024 garage door opener parts missing from its package. Or maybe you found some parts experiencing any damage while its usage period. You don’t have to worry about it. You can always hunt the spare parts in the store either real store or online store.

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Based on the frequent search, it appears that people often seek the Genie 1024 parts due to its capability to be applied to another brand. However, it is always recommended to assemble the parts that come from one brand. Here are several Genie 1024 parts which are easy to find either in the store or even online store.

Genie 1024 Garage Door Opener Popular Searched Parts


The carriage or known as the trolley is an essential part of the garage door opener. The carriage attaches the garage door arm to the chain drive or belt drive to move the garage door. Always plug out the garage door opener right before you re-install this item.

Pulley Assy – Belt

The Pulley Assembly is required to make operate the belt-driven gears. The pulley assy will pull the belt to make the garage door opened. The Genie 1024 garage door opener pulley assy for the belt-driven will also work for Genie 1022, and 1042 belt-drive. So, you can apply the similar pulley assy for Genie 1022, and 1042 model.

Belt and Connector

The belt and connector are risky items. These parts are one of many parts that always move when the garage door is opened. Due to its frequency and usage period, the belt and connector may slip and damage. In order to that condition, you can replace it with the new one. You can purchase it from the genuine stores.

Those three spare parts are the most frequent parts of Genie 1024 garage door opener. You can hunt the other parts on the store if you have one of your parts is damaged or missing. Have already found your garage door opener solution?

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