The Genie 1042 Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

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The usage period of a garage door opener may give you an experience. Whether it is a great experience or maybe a problem.Genie 1042 garage door opener may have problems during the usage period. Sometimes, you don’t ever need a technician to get it right.

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Genie 1042 problems may experience several problems during its lifetime. You can apply several simple trouble-shootings instead of calling an expert or technician. Here is simple troubleshooting that you can try to solve the Genie 1042 opener troubles.

Genie 1042 Garage Door Opener Simple Troubleshooting

Opener doesn’t run from Wall Button

In this case, you have to check the power source first. Make sure it is connected to the power cord. Try to plug a lamp into the outlet which is utilized for power head. If the lamp is lit, the power is OK. If it does not work, try to check your fuse. If the problem persists, you have to make sure whether there is reversed, or broken wires.

Door only runs in close direction

The Genie 1042 garage door opener sometimes will only operate in close direction. Firstly, you have to check the condition of the balance of the door, and the condition of its springs. Examine the force open section adjustment in the Genie 1042. If you found any problems with the spring or the garage door hardware, you can always contact the official Genie dealer in order to have a replacement.

Noisy operation

If you found the operation of the garage door is producing a lot of noise, your Genie 1042 may experience a slight problem. You have to make sure every fastener is positioned as tight as possible. In addition, you have to make sure the door and opener are in good condition. In this case, the door and opener should well lubricated and balanced.

That is the frequent problems of your Genie 1042 garage door opener and how to deal with the trouble itself. If the problems you found persist and you are not certain about what is the reason, feel free to contact the technician or someone who has more understanding about garage door openers. Hope this trouble-shootings will be useful to solve your Genie 1042 problems.

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