Simple Steps to Install Genie 1022 Garage Door Opener

November 22, 2017 | By nanik | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Having a garage door opener is the most efficient and effective solution for your garage door. One of the most well-known and top garage door opener is Genie 1022 Garage door opener. It will grants you any easiness to open your garage door. This garage door opener has lifting capacity about 350 pounds. It also suits on garages which have 7 feet high.

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The Genie 1022 is designed to enhance the security of the garage. It is also able to work smoothly in noiseless and quiet mode. Genie 1022 is featuring a lightweight door opener, simple wiring system, and has already been equipped with an access code to enhance the security. Here are several easy steps to install this futuristic garage door opener.

How to Install Genie 1022 Garage Door Opener

Prepare everything

Check the capability of your garage door whether the garage door opener is able to be installed or not. Then, make a choice for your garage opener, whether you want to choose a belt-driven or chain-driven. Also make sure your garage doors, check the lubricants, weight, and height. Make sure everything is well prepared.

Lay out all of the garage door opener parts

In this step, you have to make sure that the package of Genie 1022 garage door opener has every part which is required.

Assemble the main parts

Firstly you have to put the rail together, then you have to slide the trolley over the rail. After that, you need to attach the rail to the motor compartment. End with install the pulley at the end of the rail.

Install Blocking

This thing will enable you to attach the garage door on the ceiling. Then find the point of connection to the garage door. After you found it, attach the bracket which came from the garage door opener package.

Installing the assembled parts

Lean the end of the assembly on the garage door. Connect the bracket to the wall above your garage door. Then you have to lift the other end of the assembled parts and place it on the other side. Make sure you have a power cord on the ceiling in order to make it safe from reach.

That’s all the easy steps to install Genie 1022 garage door opener. This garage door is known as the easiest to be installed. So, do you want to apply it on your garage?

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