Basic Tips Replacing Genie Garage Door Opener Parts

June 1, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Genie garage door is a well-known brand since 1950’s. It is known for the first manufacturer that produces the mass garage door with advanced technology. Through years the company evolving the creation with well-function product yet it is still easily installed and used by its owner. Genie garage door opener is available for two types. The first one is the do-it-yourself type, in which one may assemble and install it easily and the second one the pro-grade with no mess type. Both type are good quality product and reliable.

When it is time you need to dismantle the genie garage door opener parts what you get to keep in mind is you can do it by yourself. No matter what kind of genie garage door opener you have there are some valuable helpful basic tips you may to know.

The first tips about replacing genie garage door opener parts, is preparing your basic assistance. Your basic assistance such as hammer, drill, screwdriver, hacksaw, ladder, tape measure, carpenter level, and other basic replacing tools.

genie garage door opener parts

Please read the right serial and model of your genie garage door opener part

Always make sure that you have unplugged any parts that connected to power supply or you may check that power source is not connected for the time being.

Please be careful to replace the part that you wish to be replaced since there might be powerful tension when you release one of the garage door opener parts. Read the replacing instruction carefully may one of the wise solutions.

Before replacing the genie garage door opener parts, make sure you get the same parts which are similar to the serial or model number of the old garage door opener parts.

The work you will perform might be the stressful and frustrating one but still do not discourage to do it. Always make sure beforehand that you have prepared all the things and check and re-check stuff that you need.

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