Programming Genie 912 Garage Door Opener: Genie GT912-1BL Remote

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Genie 912 garage door opener remote is an old school model of remote control transmitter. It may not available at the official Genie’s store as the manufacturer has discontinued the device production. This one button remote control transmitter model works with most all of Genie garage door openers that equipped with 390MHZ frequency.

If you manage to have Genie 912 garage door opener the Genie GT912-1BL remote model and you want this remote to work with your Genie garage door you may follow the programming instruction as follows:

Genie 912 is an old school Genie remote

Genie 912 is an old school Genie remote

First, write down the model number of your opener. The number is usually attached to the garage door and placed on the motor unit.  Get the Genie GT912-1BL manuals and compare the model number with the switch position diagram of garage door opener.

Next, turn over the body of the motor of genie 912 garage door opener. Get a screwdriver to lose the retaining screw on the back compartment and move away the back panel.

Locate the battery slots and get a compatible battery inserted into it. The text with positive (+) and negative (-) label inside the compartment will ease you to put the battery contacts correctly.

Next step, you need to change the dip switches positions of genie 912 garage door opener as it is written in the manual. Use the flathead screwdriver, the tip of it will enable you to push each switch move up or down as needed. Get the right position as it is shown in the manual, please do it carefully since the door will not work if there is any misalignment of the switch position.

Finally, you can put back the back panel as it used to be and attach again the retaining screw on its position. Give a little test by operating the garage door opener.

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