Genie Universal Garage Door Opener Remote: Genie GM3T-BX Master Universal Garage Door Remote

June 11, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

Genie has been manufacturing garage door opener for many years. The company is reported as the largest garage door opener manufacturer and has sold various kinds of the device and its accessories. The accessories, as well as the garage door opener are reliable and powerful. One of the smart accessories manufactured by Genie is the Genie Universal garage door opener remote or known as Genie GM3T-BX master universal garage door remote.

genie universal garage door opener

This little remote can operate almost all of Genie products

Why is it so special with Genie universal garage door opener remote? This little device is remote to master most all of Genie products. If your garage door opener is manufactured in 1993, your garage door opener is still compatible with this 3- button remote. This universal remote also works with all Genie gated community receivers and even the old school Genie 9 switch and 12 switch units. Unlike Genie 912 remote, this smart remote has auto seek dual frequency the 315 and 390 MHZ.

As the other Genie smart device, Genie universal garage door opener remote is also compatible with Intellicode 1 and 2 security system. With 3-3/8″ L x 1-15/16″ W x 1/2″ Dimension, the universal remote is large enough when we seek the activation button. It has LED indicators and the user will easily define the functionality of each button. As the other smart device Genie has produced, the remote control has the simple and quick programming for all modes as written in the manual.

Do not worry to put the remote control on your car, this remote can easily mount to a car visor and how to mount it is instructed in the manual. In case you need to find any replacement part, part number of this remote is 37344R and use CR2032 of coin cell battery. As the other device, Genie universal remote also has FCC certified.

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