The ReliaG 800, Genie 2024 Garage Door Opener Model

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Genie is the widest sold garage door opener company. Various kinds of garage door openers has been innovated and produced. Since the beginning, the company concerned about human’s convenience and thus make the company manufacture well-designed, reliable and powerful model of garage door opener.  The ReliaG 800, Genie 2024 garage door opener model is one of the finest models that Genie has produced.

The ReliaG 800, Genie 2024 garage door opener model is designed for users who longing for the finest product of a garage door opener. The description will perfectly match with this kind of garage door opener as it provides a strong power, a good value also a reliability of garage door opener can offer.

ReliaG 800 is Genie 2024 garage door opener model

ReliaG 800 is Genie 2024 garage door opener model , powerful, quiet and durable garage door opener

Most of users longing for a quiet operation of garage door opener, with DC motor no more bad night dream as the garage door is operating smoothly with a soft start and soft stop. Who will not love a durable and economical device? The dual pinion gear chain drive system makes a garage door opener more reliable and has a longer life.

As known before, Genie always produces an easy installation and programming device. Users can easily install the ReliaG 800, Genie 2024 garage door opener since it is equipped with pre-assembled rail and lightweight power head. However, it is better to be installed by a professional.

This model of garage door has a standard security and safety features, Comprehensive Safe-T-Beam system and Genie Intellicode system. The technology is smart enough to change more than 4.3 billion access code every time the door opens or closes.

The average Genie product has a standard ½ horsepower garage door opener, this special product has ½ HPc Power Plus which is more powerful and exceeds the standard power. So if you seek a powerful, quiet and long lasting opener this ReliaG 800 is your only answer.

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