How To Program A Genie Garage Door Opener Remote For The ReliaG 800

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Programming Genie device or accessories is always easy, it is also applied for programming Genie remote control. Sometime you may encounter the time when you get your remote stolen or lost. Do not panic or worry as once you get the remote replacement and follow how to program a Genie garage door opener remote instruction then all problems are over.

For those who have The ReliaG 800 garage door opener, follow the instruction of how to program a Genie garage door opener remote below.

For programming a single button remote: first of all find “Learn Code” button and indicator LED on the power head. Next, press and release “Learn Code” button and you will see the LED blinking RED twice per second. In 30 seconds, directly push your remote control one time only. You will see the indicator LED stops blinking and stay ON. Again, press remote control once and red LED will go out indicates that the program is ready to be started.

how to program a genie garage door opener remote

Genie always makes device and its accessories to be programmed easily

To start operating go make a test by press the remote button once, you will see the door is moving. Next, press the button again and now you will see the door stop. Pressing the button again will cause the door move in opposite directions.

Follow these steps on how to program a genie garage door opener remote for ReliaG 800 instructions for stolen or lost remote:

You need to clear memory by pressing and holding “Learn Code” button on the power head. Hold it still until the red blinking indicator LED is off or hold it for 10 seconds. You may perform the programming steps to the remaining or new remote controls above. Once you finish perform the program instruction, the stolen or lost remote cannot operate your garage door, as the door opener will no longer recognize the signal from remote that has not been reprogrammed.

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