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June 1, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

When we heard for the first time about genie garage door openers, several advance devices of garage openers come to our mind. Yes, they are the vanguard of advance technology in garage openers stuff. As the first time the brand was first introduced in 1954 by a well known manufacturer, in the 1958 their revolutionized product garage door opener with the first screw-drive was launched after garage door with radio control was firstly produced. After several years the company runs with remarkable achievement, Overhead Door Corporation bought this well-known brand for their wonderful garage door in 1994.

genie garage door openers

One of well advanced technology

The famous genie garage door openers under the new management as we know today highlighting for people who may assemble and install the product by themselves and also for professional installers. Both of the products are made just for the customer’s convenient. For those who wants to do assembling by themselves the product are already portable and easily to be carried by car or truck, however, it may take some work to do.

For those who prefer the pro-grade genie garage door openers which the product already assembled so it less work required to do at home is the best solution to have a garage door you may ever have. However, it takes more cost than do it yourself one product since you ought to pay more for delivery cost. The cost you have to pay, however, is equal to the pan of life of the garage door. It is reported that the do it yourself garage door has three-piece rail which is not as durable as the single-rail that the pro-grade has but all the products benefit from the less noise and has great quality. Several types of genie products are compatible with HomeLink. The products can be link with the system of the car and home.

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