How to Set Speed of Genie Garage Door Opener Instructions from Genie Powermax 1500 Manual

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There is a time when your garage door opener is not as convenient as users think about. Sometime they complain their Genie garage door opener open and close too slow, others say that their opener runs too fast. All they need to do is following how to set speed of their Genie garage door opener instructions as mentioned in the manuals. Here is an adjustment guide from Genie Powermax 1500 manual to set the speed.

Before you perform how to set speed of Genie garage door opener instructions, you need to know that the speed settings of your garage door opener has been pre-programmed to a maximum speed and no need to be adjusted. However, you still adjust the travel speed of the opener to a slower one. One more thing important note, if your garage door is a one-piece doors you cannot adjust your garage door opener speed as it is set to a slow one during Limits Programming.

genie garage door opener instructions

You can adjust the travel limit of your garage door opener

Here are Genie garage door opener instructions to set the speed:

Press and hold PROGRAM button for about 10 seconds, hold it until you see two indicator LEDs turn blue. Release the button. Next, press the up arrow (+) button two times, the LEDs stay blue. Press and release the PROGRAM button. You will see the long LED light turns off and the round LED is flashing blue 3 times. Press the up arrow (+) or down arrow (-) button until you reach the desired setting. Blue indicator LEDs will turn RED for high speed, Purple for medium, and blue for low speed.

Please remember the door weight, balance and the components and track condition are affecting the speed of the opener. Press and release the PROGRAM button again to lock the current speed for opening setting. The long LED flashes 3 times while round LED is off. The current speed setting for closing travel is now displayed.  You can press the up arrow (+) or down arrow (-) to get the speed of closing travel you wanted. Press and release PROGRAM button, both LEDs will be flashing blue to confirm setting.

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