Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Battery Changing

June 12, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Do not let your convenience device the Genie garage door opener troubles you. This device should help you through daily work. Do the monthly maintenance such as changing the battery occasionally. Genie garage door opener remote battery changing is just an easy peasy work to do.

First, in Genie garage door opener remote battery changing, you need to turn down the transmitter with the button’s side is down. You need to uncover the battery cover set by pressing down the cover and slide it off the back or in the direction that showed by the arrow.

Next, you need to remove the battery out. You can try to pull up a small sticking ribbon that lies beneath it, so the battery will be pulled out of the compartment. For those who have a keychain transmitter, removing the battery is easy. For those who have a standard transmitter before you pull out the battery, you had better get the cap connector off the top of the battery.

genie garage door opener remote battery

Changing the keychain transmitter battery is just a snap of a finger

Genie garage door opener remote battery changing next step is to install the new battery. For standard transmitters, put the battery snap cap connector on the top of 9 volts battery. Remember to use wider snap for wider battery post. For those who have keychain transmitters, just push the cylindrical style battery of 12 volts into the compartment of the battery as replacing the standard AA battery into a compartment in which the flat end of the battery placed into the spring compartment. Remember that unlike the standard transmitter, the Gp23A 12 volt keychain transmitters use the 12 volts battery.

If you finish changing the new battery into the right place, you can put the battery cover back. Slide it as the opposite direction showed by the arrow and wait until you heard a click sound, and the cover is now back into place.

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