Genie Garage Door Opener App For Android

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Genie has been producing garage door opener for many years back then. Up to now, the company continues to make innovation for the device and its accessories combined with advanced technology. Genie makes its device and accessories compatible to each other. And now, Genie even compatible with Android operating system.  Genie garage door opener app for android enables your phone to work with your garage door opener.

genie garage door opener app

You can use your phone to control your garage door opener

Genie garage door opener App for Android is now available online. Tap-It-Open Garage door opener is one of the examples. This application claim able to control garage door from phone anytime and has security features that claimed to be the most secure way to access garage door opener as it takes the benefit of Bluetooth security and phone’s password protection. So, the other member of family or trusted people can access garage door opener through their phone. Unfortunately, as the application cannot work by itself, you need to purchase particular device to connect with garage door opener.

Another example of Genie garage door opener app for Android is GarageMate (or GD Mate). As well as Tap-It-Open takes advantage of Bluetooth security and phone’s password protection. No need to worry to install the application, it needs two minutes of your time to install the application. Most garage door opener Brand is claimed to be compatible with GarageMate App. It is said that the security of your garage door opener will be saved although other people have the same application as they cannot access garage door opener without permission from the owner, although the phone is stolen or lost. Unlike the usual remote control, since only the owner knows the password of their phone. GarageMate app needs to be “paired” to GarageMate Receiver, that can be purchased from DIY, and the process needs physical access pairing to receiver.

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