Simple and Quick Genie Garage Door Opener Keypad Programming

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Genie is one of top brands of garage door opener in America. Not only produced various models of garage door openers, Genie also produced its accessories like wireless keypad. Most of Genie’s today’s devices are offered with keypad system to control the garage door opener. The keypad entry system enables the users to change the pass codes as many times as the users want. With simple and quick genie garage door opener keypad programming and access to the motor unit, changing the pass codes is just an easy peasy job to do.

genie garage door opener keypad programming

Programming genie garage door opener keypad is simple and quick

Genie garage door opener keypad programming is simply starting from entering the garage and finding the garage door opener motor. Locate the “smart” button, press it and then release it. As you release, you will see the LED light is flashing and you may begin to program the keypad. After that, you need to get back to your keypad and enter the desired pass codes. Remember, the pass codes is a combination of four digits of numbers.

The next step of genie garage door opener keypad programming is pressing and holding the “Enter” key button on your keypad once you finish entering the last digit of number of the desired pass code. Do not release the button until you see the light on the motor unit of garage door opener is flashing two times.

As the light stop flashing, you need to release the “enter” key button and then wait again for the indicator light. The indicator light should stop blinking as it indicates that the keypad programming is completely finished. Make a small test to check whether the keypad is working properly or not. Wait for the garage door opener to move since it takes time. You can repeat the instruction one more time if your garage door opener does not move.

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