Specification of Genie Garage Door Opener Remote: GM3T-BX 3 Button Genie Master Remote

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Through years the brand genie garage door is well-known for its quality and advance technology devices. The company has evolving into a large business for its garage product and the accessories related to it. The company meticulously produces the product using updated and sophisticated technology such as genie garage door opener remote.

Most of genie garage door opener remote functions beyond than just a remote control. It is reported that the devices useful as an effort to prevent the action of burglary and any other criminal action towards one’s garage and its house. The remote control is using the built in security code and linked with sophisticated system.

genie garage door opener remote_GM3T-BX 3 Button Genie Master Remote

3 button Genie Master Remote also used as universal remote

One of the good examples of genie garage door opener remote is the GM3T-BX 3 button genie master remote. The company makes their product as effective as it can be for example this remote is designed to be synchronized with all type of genie garage door openers which are invented since 1988. In short, the remote controller used as universal remote. The remote has 3 buttons and equipped with the system that works with Intellicode 1 and 2 machines and 9 and 12 DIP switch machines.

In case the remote controller broken, simply replace the remote with these genie’s remotes which may available such as Genie G3T-BX or G3TR or G3T-R. Another model such as GT912 or ACSCTG Type 1, 2 and 3 are available too. As mentioned above, the advance technology and its function as universal remote then it is no wonder that the remote controller may take a fortune. For those who consider that the security and those who doesn’t want to lose a wink of sleep at night this type of remote that choose one code over more than 4 billion security codes anytime it is activated just fits you best.

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