Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Control G3T-R, The Three Button Remote

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A garage door opener is a simple and helpful device when it comes to open and close the garage. It will get you through even the hardest weather; no doubt, garage door opener is one of the most convenience innovations for human. With one single click of a remote control, your garage door will open and close just like a magic. Do not let your garage door opener disappoint you because it does not work as it supposed to be because of the remote control. You might want to consider having Genie garage door opener remote control G3T-R as your new remote control.

genie garage door opener remote control

This remote control controls three garage door opener

Genie garage door opener remote control G3T-R is a three button remote and designed to work up to three garage doors. It has a 0.5 inch depth and 1.5 inch widths. No more mess to get each door to have one remote since you can get control to your three doors just in one compact remote, the three button remote G3T-R by Genie. But you have to remember, although it can work with three doors, this remote is not a universal remote.

This 3-button remote control is equipped with rolling code technology. This feature will enhance the security of the garage and things inside it, so no more worry about leaving the garage because it will prevent any unexpected entry. If you have a garage door manufactured after 1997 do not worry since this wireless remote is still compatible with garage door openers made since 1997 and can work with dual frequencies, the 315 MHZ and 390 MHZ.

With its sleek designed and handy visor clip, the Genie garage door opener remote control G3T-R is compact enough to be carried and even can be attached to a key chain. The remote required just one CELL type battery and has a one year warranty.

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