Genie Garage Door Opener Manual For Beginner

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Genie is a brand that held by company which is successfully manufacturing garage door opener since 1920’s. The brand is one American favorites brand for garage door opener for its trustworthy quality and easily used products. Firstly founded as Alliance Manufacturing Company in 1923 and in 1954 the company produced their first radio controlled garage door opener named Genie. Since then the brand was a famous trademark for garage door opener with advance technology. The technology of the garage door is along with a simple instruction for the user as the company releases the do-it-yourself product. The genie garage door opener manual is a step away to be done although for beginner.

genie garage door opener manual

Check The LED Light as it indicates your device working properly or not

To begin with genie garage door opener manual, the first step that has to be done is to make sure that the LED light is properly working. It is working properly if the sensor light has green light and the source light has red light. To check if there is something wrong, just check whether or not there is a blink or the light is totally off.

Secondly, please check the wall console by pressing button to see does the door lift up and down properly or not. Please do not interrupt the working process of the ups and downs while the door is in motion, it will cause the damage.

Since it needs time for beginner to learn genie garage door opener manual, do manually set the program for each door opener. It is done by pressing “Learn” button and a second after release the button. After that you will see the two blink of the learning light, it is indicated that it is well responded. By pressing the remote button one time it will make the learning light on while once again the button is pressed the learning light will off and indicates the opener is synchronized with the remote.

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