Genie Garage Door Opener Intellicode: Pin Programming Instruction

June 16, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Installation Tips.

 On the market it has been known that Genie belongs to some top notch garage door openers manufacturer. Since the beginning Genis produces a top quality garage door openers equipped with advanced technology devices, accessories and parts. It is advantageous for most users to install by them self and even to program the accessories and devices. With simple and easy instructions, programming Genie garage door openers intellicode is just a piece of cake.

genie garage door opener intellicode

Adding PIN to Genie Intellicode is easy

For you who have a multiple garage doors, adding pin might be troublesome but not for Genie garage door opener intellicode pin programming. There is always a reason to change PIN or adding PIN for multiple doors. Adding PIN or changing Pin is as easy as doing basic programming keypad.

The first instruction in adding PIN 2 is you need to open keypad cover completely open and entering number 1, 5, 9 button. Proceed with the process by entering PROG button, you will see the indicator light is blinking once per second. Enter your secret second PIN, the PIN is up to eight digits of numbers. Next, press PROG and the indicator light is off. Close the keypad cover and now your keypad is ready to be programmed. Go to the garage door openers to sync the keypad to the openers.

Find the Learn button on your Genie garage door opener Intellicode, it is usually located on the rear panel or under the light cover. Once you find it you need to push the button until you see the Learn Button LED is flashing. Get back to your keypad and open the cover fully. Enter the PIN and press the SEND button for four times or you might press the SEND button until the door is starting to operate. You will now has PIN2 to be operated with your Geni garage door opener.

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