Another Troubleshooting Genie Garage Door Opener Tips

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There is always a time when your Genie garage door is no longer a helpful device, it is just a complete fiasco as it won’t properly work as you hoped to. Garage door opener is should be the most human’s convenience innovation in this era. When a problem comes all you need to do is troubleshooting Genie garage door opener.

Below, there are some basic tips in troubleshooting Genie garage door opener related to remote control and noisy door. Hopefully the tips will help you get through the problem.

troubleshooting genie garage door opener

do monthly maintenance to prevent problem with your garage door opener

What you need to do when you find a noisy garage door opener? The problem sometimes occurs when a monthly maintenance is not performed. To troubleshoot a noisy garage door opener you need to make sure the Door is in a good repair and properly lubricated and balanced. It might be the sound of the rail too, you need to detach  the unit and the rail. Run the unit without rail to see the problem lies in the motor or the damage rail. To prevent this thing to happen again  you need to perform a monthly maintenance.

Users mostly complain to a particular type of Genie products that has a short range of remote operation or less than 25-feets of operation range. In troubleshooting Genie garage door opener with short range first check the position of the remote control in your car and relocate if needed.  Check whether it needs a battery replacement or not, go to the manuals what type  of battery needed and find how to replace the battery properly. Check also the antenna and place the position of door opener antenna in a specific place so the remote can receive the signal. You may point the remote control at the door, but you should not try to retune the remote controls.

When you find your opener works from wall button not the remote control you need to check photocells and the photo cells wires.

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