A Glance About Genie Garage Door Opener Learn Button

June 16, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

Genie always makes sure their product is reliable and powerful. No wonder, by maintaining the product with good quality drives the company to be a top-notch manufacturer in garage door opener industry. Genie also pleases the users with a simple installation and programming product that done even with little help or hardly with professional assistances. If you have Genie garage door opener you might be familiar with instruction written on installation or programming instructions.

genie garage door opener learn button

Mostly, the learn button is located on the back of the motor head

You might as well, find the Genie garage door opener learn button written in the instruction. Genie garage door opener learn button is several times mentioned when you need to program your keypad or remote to be synchronized with your garage door opener.

For those who does not know much about garage door opener generally or those who does not familiar with Genie garage door opener specifically, you might find difficulties to do the instruction to locate Genie garage door opener learn button as you perform the instruction to program your keypad or remote for the first time.

Do not lose your $20to call a professional to do a simple programming, all you need to do is finding the exact location for your opener learn button. Most garage door opener users are familiar where to find their learn button, most garage door has the same location for learn button which is on the opener and to be exact is on the motor head. It is placed on the back of the unit and in Excelerator model, it is located just right below the light lens.

Yet, for specific Genie models like PowerLift you will not find any Learn Button as on the rear panel you will only see a button in square shape, and two triangular shaped button. The three buttons are used to set up the opener, the speed, the limit, and many other settings. They take the same role as learn button does, the difference lies only you just need the square button to set up the remote and universal automobile openers.

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