Program Genie Garage Door Opener Keypad For Model 1: Intellicode Model GWKIC, ACSDG.

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Genie has manufactured so many kinds of devices and accessories for garage door openers. No wonder, as the company has been experienced to produce garage door opener since long time ago there are enormous model and types that has been produced. All Genie’s products are known has a good quality, durable and powerful. As the company has aimed their market to DIY markets, their product mostly is easy to be installed and programmed. It is also applied on programming keypad model 1 the Intellicode Model GWKIC, ACSDG.

Here are instructions on how to program Genie garage door opener keypad for model 1: Intellicode model GWKIC, ACSDG:

program genie garage door opener keypad

Genie Model 1 has word”Intellicode” imprinted on the cover

This model has a slide-up black cover and you will see the word “Intellicode” imprinted on its cover. First to program Genie garage door opener keypad you need to reset the Intellicode wireless keypad by opening the cover half-open and press the PROG and 8 button simultaneously while opening the rest of the cover part to fully open. Next, you need to close the cover down after indicator light blink one time and goes off.

You can start program Genie garage door opener keypad model 1 by sliding up the cover until it latches, the position is fully open. Next, press in order number 3-5-7 buttons and press PROG. You will see the red indicator light starts blinking. Enter your secret eight digits PIN and press PROG. This time you will see the indicator light will blinking faster. Get the cover completely closed and you are ready to continue the process to your opener.

Locate the receiver learn code button on the power head receiver and press the learn code button. A radio signal indicator will start blinking and while it is still blinking red within 30 seconds enter your secret PIN. Press SEND button for twice and press SEND button again to operate your door.

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