Alternative Genie Garage Door Opener Installation Instruction For Wireless Keyless/Keypad Entry System

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Wireless keyless/keypad entry system is a perfect replacement for your broken or old wireless keypad. This entry system allows you to access your garage door without key. With dual frequency radio, there will be no more problem to operate the keypad to your garage door opener due to interference as it has high signal strength with reduced interference.

genie garage door opener installation

There is an alternative to install genie garage door opener keyless/keypad entry system

You can mount this keyless/keypad entry system outside garage without worry as it will ease you to access the garage door securely. For Genie garage door that manufactured since 1996 you get no problem to program the keypad with your garage door opener because the entry system is compatible enough with the opener that manufactured in and after 1996.

The Intellicode access security system is equipped to this entry system to prevent the unauthorized entry by rolling the code access every time the garage door opener is closing or opening. The company provides the item with clear Genie garage door opener installation and programming instructions.

The Genie garage door opener installation or programming for wireless keyless/keypad entry system is also available online. You can download it at Genie official website or at Home Depot website.

If you have a problem in installing the wireless keyless/keypad entry system, though has following the instruction step by step you may consider doing the alternative Genie garage door opener installation instruction for wireless keyless/keypad entry below.

First, simultaneously hold down the PROGRAM and UP or DOWN arrow Button and wait until light located under the PROGRAM button is blinking and then off. In order, please press number 3-5-7 buttons and the PROGRAM button to end it. You may enter the secret PIN of yours and end it by pressing the PROGRAM button once more. Hold the button still until the light flashing red, and then you may release the button and wait for about 10 seconds. Go to the garage door motor and find LEARN button. Press “LEARN” button and enter the code on your remote. Press “UP/DOWN” arrow for four times and wait until your garage door opener is working.

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