Genie Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting: What To Do?

June 1, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

All devices are meant to help human run their movement easily and make it easy and convenient. A genie garage door opener is one of the convenient products that people will give no doubt about it. What else that you ask rather than sit down nicely while your garage opener do all you don’t need to do or don’t want to do. Under the heat of summer sunshine or hard pouring rain while you want to still dry just push the button and let’s magic happen. So much convenient has to be dealt with regular maintenance and genie garage door opener troubleshooting is the answer before all the cost of repairman burden you.

It is not always time to call a repairman if you can do genie garage door opener troubleshooting at your own. There are several cases that happen a lot and it takes a jiffy to handle it. Before the any problem occurs, it would be great that you check everything out and do some regular cleaning. Do not hesitate to have a regular service so everything will always under control.

You might find out that your opener seems to be okay but why the door just doesn’t happen to open? Just check is there anything wrong with emergency disconnect. Mostly, it is pulled and triggers the door to stop moving because it has been disconnected with the motor.

genie garage door opener troubleshooting

When the door doesn’t seem to close please check the safety photo eyes

Yet, if you find that the case in another way around which is the opener seems doesn’t want to close the door you might want to check the safety photo eyes. Make sure to check the alignment is on precise place since the opener will drive into safety reverse and make the door stay still and won’t close. Another action is to clean any dirt clinging on it so the beam will not be disrupted. Do read the manual carefully for the maintenance is also helpful to do genie garage door opener troubleshooting and make your garage opener at least stay longer.

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