Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Programming Instructions: Adding Remote and Clearing Memory

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Genie garage door opener remote programming instructions are simple and quick steps to do. You can always program or reprogram your remote control as the convenience offered by the company. As the Intellicode opener can store up to the combination of 6 remotes and 1 wireless keypad or 7 remote transmitters, you can always try to add remote as you want or even clearing the memory as simple as adding it.

Genie garage door opener remote programming instructions to add remote is starting from a basic step of programming remote control to garage door opener.

First, you need to press and release the Learn Code Button. You will see the indicator light is flashing twice per second. Within 30 seconds, press remote control button to open the door and the indicator light continues to light. Again, press the remote control button and now the indicator light will flash and off. Your remote control is now successfully programmed. You can do the step to each remote control you have and avoid holding the learn button while you are programming.

Genie garage door opener remote programming instructions to clear machine memory starts from pressing and holding the learn code button simultaneously. Do not release the button until you see the indicator light is off or counts for 10-12 seconds. The process should clear the memories now, make a small test by pressing any remote control button. The opener should not open the door as all remote controls are disabled. You can program the desired remote control by doing the step of programming remote control.

Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Programming Instructions

You can erase all memories of your machine memory under specific conditions

You need to remember before you want to erase all the memories, these conditions should apply:

  1. Your remote is lost or stolen.
  2. You have a new home with Genie garage door opener excluding remote
  3. You want to disable all access to your opener through any remotes.
  4. Forgot the wireless keypad PIN number and you need to perform the wireless keypad programming

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