Genie Garage Door Opener Reviews For 1022 1/2-Horsepower AC ChainLift

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Genie ChainLift is one of Genie’s best-seller openers. It can be installed manually by the users and offers a smooth operation. This low budget opener has ½ horsepower AC with 600 Newton heavy-duty motor. As other Genie garage door opener, this opener has a standard security system the Intellicode security system that helps to prevent any unauthorized access to your garage door by changing the access code every time the door opened or closed.

There are some Genie garage door opener reviews from the customer that might help you to consider buying this 1022 1/2 –Horsepower AC ChainLift:

genie garage door opener replacement

This low budget garage door opener is one of users favorite product

First Genie garage door opener reviews taken from wrote by C. Exp that said he was very impressed by the product as it is packaged well. The user did not find much problem installing the opener as the manual has clear and well-organized instructions. He also did not have much problem to program the up and down travel limit and even he astonished that the unit has a soft start.

Second Genie garage door opener reviews still from the same source is wrote by R. Long also has the same impressions toward his Genie 1022. He said that the opener is very simple to install and he has no difficulties on following the instruction written on the manual. He has experienced to have other chain driver and amazed how quiet the Genie 1022 is. He is also impressed by the soft start and soft stop

Another pleased customer R Gueter also wrote how excited he was to install the opener by himself by following the instruction on the manual. He was also impressed how organized the packaging of the opener so he could manage to install the opener easier and efficiently. He was also pleased how simple and easy to program the remote controller and he can operate the door without any significant problem.

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