Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Keypad and Ribbon for KEP-1

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Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement

There’s always a reason we need part replacement

Genie has no doubt produces a good quality of garage door openers, parts and accessories. Since 1923 Genie has produced a reliable and powerful product. No wonder that today Genie is one of Top-Notch brands of garage door opener manufacturers. When you find that your garage door opener needs a replacement you always able to find Genie garage door opener replacement online.

Keypad is a short cut way to open your garage door opener. One reason why you need a replacement is a necessity to replace the old keypad or a broken ribbon. For your issues Genie offers you Genie garage door opener replacement keypad and ribbon for KEP-1. This is Genie original replacement part and it utilizes to replace keyboard for garage door opener universal wired keypad model KEP-1. The keyboard is included wire harness connector (ribbon) and costs approximately $17.00.

As other Genie devices, this Genie garage door opener replacement keypad and ribbon for KEP-1 is easy to install and need a few minutes to operate it. In case you have problem with the instruction on the manual or the product come without instruction, you have an option to follow below instruction in programming this Genie replacement.

Reprogram your Genie replacement keypad and ribbon for KEP-1 starts by unplugging the transformer to reset the board and erase all old code on it. It will take 2 minute process. Locate the set/run switch inside the main interface box and run the switch to SET. Enter secret PIN, the combination up to 8 digit numbers or letters but do not choose * as your PIN. Next, you can press the * button for one time. This action is meant to lock your secret PIN. You can end the process by putting the set/run switch to RUN and now programming the keypad is finished.  Make sure that the knotch in the ribbon is directed to set/run switch so the code is stored perfectly.

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