Know More About Genie Garage Door Opener Screw Drive

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Lately, garage door opener is becoming more popular and found at most homes in America. You can see garage door openers are provided by several brands. The one that commonly found is Genie garage door opener. Genie has long history in manufacturing garage door opener since 1923. Its rich experience has brought the company to be one of the largest brands of garage door opener as it is reliable, powerful and affordable.

Genie Garage Door Opener Screw Drive

Screw Drive is Genie the First Big Seller products

The first mass product that Genie has produced is Genie garage door opener Screw Drive opener. This opener is the best-seller openers ever for many years. Amazingly, the Screw Drive system made by Genie is still found in Genie devices today. More over the competitor manufacturers use the comparable system on their garage door opener design too.

Genie garage door opener Screw Drive system continues to be produced since fifty years ago and more. Today’s Genie Screw Drive model has more sophisticated technology with the unchanged strong mechanism. The reason why the company keeps on producing this Screw Drive is that the garage door opener is simple to operate. Compared to other garage door this Screw Drive works easily and need few parts to move. It means there will be fewer problems that will occur to the parts and the result it will be more economical for the users. Genie 3860 DirectLift Plus 1/2-Horsepower AC Screw Drive Garage Door Opener and Genie 4060 Excelerator 1/2-Horsepower DC Screw Drive Garage Door Opener are both well-known example of Genie garage door opener Screw Drive.

Even though it is a durable and reliable garage door opener, maybe for the users who have a room above the garage it is not a preferable product. This garage door opener will give the users a noisy sound as it is moving and besides not as efficient and as powerful as other Genie openers.

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