Genie Blue Max Garage Door Opener Manual: Programming 1 Door Operator

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Genie has been manufacturing garage door opener since 1923. Up to now Genie become one of the largest company in producing garage door opener. There are enormous number of units Genie has made including the parts and accessories. Among lot of units that Genie has, there are some models, which are no longer produced. Very few update for Genie Blue Max garage door opener and so the Genie Blue Max manual is very difficult to search.

Genie Blue Max garage door opener manual

There are lots of Genie product and Blue Max is one of them

Even so, there is still Genie Blue Max users that need Genie Blue Max garage door opener manual to get the information about this garage door. All we can share you here is the Genie Blue Max compatible garage door opener programming instruction. For specific, programming 1 door operator.

In this Genie Blue Max garage door opener manual programming 1 door operator you will know how to program door operator to receive the signal to wireless keypad. Before you perform the programming, you should find the Learn Code Button and Radio Signal Indicator. Both of them are located on the Door operator power head. Next, you need to open the wireless keypad cover completely. You can find it as you see the antenna wire hanging from the motor head, to find it you need to uncover the lens cover.

Genie Blue Max garage door opener manual next step, as you find the Learn Code Button, press it and you will see the keypad indicator flashing. Enter your secret PIN 1 and the keypad indicator stay lit. Press “SEND” button once, the indicator stay lit and press it again, the indicator should off. As you press the SEND button once more to test the system you will see that the motor is moving and as you press once again the SEND button to test the system, the motor stops moving.

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