Genie Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: A Short Note

June 19, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

The first biggest seller garage door opener Genie has created is Screw Drive opener. Up to now, the Screw Drive system is still used. Experiencing in more than fifty years, Genie also creates more openers that are reliable, powerful and affordable.

Most of Genie big sellers are affordable products

Most of Genie big sellers products are the affordable products

One of best-sellers Genie products other than Screw Drive is Genie Belt Drive garage door opener. It has similar design that Genie Chain Lift has that is the opener is mounted to the ceiling of a garage. Genie has designed Genie Belt Drive garage door opener as a quiet and reliable garage door opener. No more bad night dream because you will no longer hear the opener makes noisy sounds as it open or close.

This quiet and reliable garage door opener, is offered in a very rational price. It is quite shocking because the competitors also make the similar model but cannot beat its low price and its reliability. One thing that becomes a plus point to have this Genie Belt Drive garage door opener is it has several safety settings. The safety settings such as Safe-T-Beam, Contact Reversing system, Force Guard closing and opening force adjustment, STB monitoring system, and manual emergency door      release.

This garage door opener is also can work with up to seven remote controls. As other Genie products, this Belt Drive opener is easy to be installed and programmed. As a residential door, you will not need professional assistance as you can follow a clear instruction written on the manual without much problem.

As Screw Drive type, Belt Drive is also one of Genie products that donate a big selling for Genie Company. It is favorable since it requires a minimum maintenance a garage door opener need. As a standard product warranty, Genie gives 5 year warranty for the opener and another one year warranty for the parts.

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