How to Install Genie Garage Door Opener: Connecting Models 1022/1024/1042 to Power

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Connecting opener to power is a prominent thing since the process determines the opener runs or not. In addition, the process of installation can cause injury or components break down. That is why electricians who help the process need to be equipped with knowledge of how to install Genie garage door opener of connecting the opener to power.

How to Install Genie Garage Door Opener

Ask a professional electrician to connect opener to power

How to install Genie garage door opener with permanent wiring starts from removing power from circuit. Put off the rear and motor cover by unscrewing the motor screws. You need to remove power cord and strain relief from 7/8” DIA. Make a hole and dispose.

Next, you need to make a connection of permanent wiring with power head. Make use 7/8” diameter hole. One by one connect the wiring according to the color. White wiring to white wiring/ black to black/ ground to green. It is important to use wire nuts that UL recognized only. You need to remember when wiring inside the power head, the wiring must be at least 6”. The process is done as you put back the motor cover and rear cover and re-energize the circuit. You need to check local building codes as assuring the garage door opener does not need any permanent wired with circuit breaker protection.

If you find the opposite, building codes need your garage door opener to be permanently wired you need to make sure that you call a professional electrician who has a qualified licensed to connect power with permanent wiring.

If you use a grounded plug, how to install Genie garage door opener is very simple. You can connect power with grounded plug by plugging in the opener into a grounded electrical outlet properly. It is important to remember that the charges of the work above performed by an independent electrician do not belong to Genie company responsibility.

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